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Extreme Energy in the South Midlands

From FRAW: For more than a decade sections of the Government’s business and energy departments have been planning the development of new types of fossil fuel energy sources. These “unconventional” energy sources do not have the same production capacity as … Continue reading

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Small Global: Extreme Energy at the Bloomsbury Festival 2013

The Extreme Energy Initiative (EEI) has teamed up with audio visual art collective D-Fuse to create an installation which will be open during the weekend of the Bloomsbury Festival, 19-20 October, Senate House Basements, Malet St, London WC1E 7HU. This … Continue reading

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People & Planet launch Fossil Free UK campaign

People & Planet have recently launched their Fossil Free UK campaign.  See below for full details for this campaign, from their campaign’s website. The fossil fuel industry is unequivocally driving us towards a global climate crisis.  Too many UK universities support the … Continue reading

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Defining ‘extreme energy’: A process not a category

by Dr. E. Lloyd-Davies Definitions of extreme energy often come with lists of examples (e.g. tar sands, mountain top removal, deep water drilling and fracking) that the term is said to encompass. Extreme energy is often considered as a category … Continue reading

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Work halted as activists block entrance to Sussex fracking site

Work has come to a standstill at Fracking company Cuadrilla Resource’s site in Balcombe, Sussex. As of 7.30am, activists blockading the road leading to the company’s site have denied entrance to articulated trucks and work vehicles. The protest was organised … Continue reading

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Economically & politically fracked: ‘Behind every picture lies a story’ – statistical reality versus PR-hype within the political project of unconventional gas in Britain

Let’s get one thing clear, this is not about conspiracy theories. This isn’t about a powerful elite meeting in darkened rooms to fondle their fluffy white cats whilst talking in menacing tones. This isn’t about class warfare. What the diagram … Continue reading

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Fracking in Balcombe, West Sussex: A community says no

An article from our supporting campaign, extreme energy action network Frack Off Summary Fracking threatening Sussex countryside Cuadrilla have licences for 270 square miles Planning permission to drill in Balcombe Targeting layer within Kimmeridge Clay Analogous to Bakken Shale in North Dakota Would … Continue reading

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Exploding the fracking hype: A response to the latest UK shale gas figures

An article from our supporting campaign, extreme energy action network Frack Off. Summary Latest government fracking announcement Sparse on details, but plenty of hype Wild claims regarding vast amounts of gas Technical or economic aspects not addressed Would require 10,000 of … Continue reading

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Brief review of threats to Canada’s groundwater from the oil and gas industry’s methane migration and hydraulic fracturing

Nearly a decade ago Encana, one of the world’s largest natural gas producers, began a risky and experimental drilling program that required intense hydraulic fracturing for shallow coalbed methane (Horseshoe Canyon Formation) throughout central Alberta. Landowner Jessica Ernst, President of Ernst … Continue reading

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Cuadrilla: UK fracking to have ‘basically insignificant’ impact on consumer gas prices

A PR representative from the UK’s only active shale gas producer Cuadrilla – led by Chairman Lord Browne, former CEO of BP – admitted last week that there would be a ‘basically insignificant’ impact on gas prices from domestic shale … Continue reading

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