EEI research archive for October 2014

Forthcoming: ‘Extreme Energy, ‘Fracking’ and Human Rights: A New Field for Human Rights Impact Assessments?’

Abstract This paper, the first output of an on-going research project of the Extreme Energy Initiative (University of London), explores the potential human rights impacts of the family of extreme energy extraction processes involved in the production of shale gas, … Continue reading

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Defining ‘extreme energy’: A process not a category

by Dr. E. Lloyd-Davies Definitions of extreme energy often come with lists of examples (e.g. tar sands, mountain top removal, deep water drilling and fracking) that the term is said to encompass. Extreme energy is often considered as a category … Continue reading

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Economically & politically fracked: ‘Behind every picture lies a story’ – statistical reality versus PR-hype within the political project of unconventional gas in Britain

Let’s get one thing clear, this is not about conspiracy theories. This isn’t about a powerful elite meeting in darkened rooms to fondle their fluffy white cats whilst talking in menacing tones. This isn’t about class warfare. What the diagram … Continue reading

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